Wednesday, June 27, 2012

you enjoy myself

Much has occurred since that fateful day in November when I got hit by the car.  Lost my job after the start of the new year, got hired working for a healthcare IT company in February, took the MD bar at the end of February, found out I passed the MD bar in May and then just got sworn into MD last Wednesday.  Finally, I am a big boy attorney.  Our hockey team won the winter championship and got a trophy that is great and we are already into the playoffs for spring season now.  I am still looking for a new job, one that will provide more permanence than what I have right now.  Plus, I hate having to drive to work every day.  We went to AC again in April and made more ridiculous memories, I got to go to Chicago for my birthday a couple weeks ago and we rented a trolley for a couple hours to drive us around the city with 30 of our closest friends while we got bombed.  We got stuck in traffic at one point and got to experience the annual naked bike ride.  It was interesting to say the very least.  Way more dong than I ever wanted to see in my life.  I went to see Phish twice last weekend, Saturday in Pittsburgh and then Sunday in Cleveland and both shows were awesome.  My brother got to not only meet Mike Gordon, but since Gordo's bus got stuck in Pitt, my brother and his buddy who was driving got to drive the cactus man from the south side of Pitt all the way to the venue for sound check.  I cannot even begin to describe my jealousy.  Even better was when the buddy was cleaning out his car the next day and saw that Gordo had left his sunglasses in the backseat.  We were all trying them on the next day in Cleveland.  It was amazing.  Things have been pretty solid lately, cannot complain too much.  But as I said, still looking for a better gig, hopefully something will come along sooner rather than later.  Song for today will be "Waste" from Billy Breathes because they played it on Sunday and I told my girlfriend the song made me think of her and I realized I probably should have told her the lyrics before I said that since it does not sound like a very good song to have remind you of your girlfriend.

Monday, November 14, 2011

really? really?!

So, I woke up a little late today to head to work and as I am riding my bike down 14th Street to work, I get to 14th and Church Street then BOOM! Car turns left to go down Church and runs right the fuck into me.  I don't remember where he hit me, exactly how he hit me, how I fell, nothing.  The only thing I remember is as I was falling I made sure not to hit a girl who was crossing the street in front of me because inevitably I would have crushed her.  The guy stopped and was old as shit.  I pulled a cop over and tried to get a report but apparently when there's not injuries immediately after a car hits a bike they don't do a report.  Well, I wasn't in pain or anything right after it happened but by 11:30 I was in a great deal of pain.  So, I ended up spending from 11:30 or so until about 5:15 at the GW Hospital.  They did tests and took x-rays and a CT scan of my hip.  Thankfully nothing was broken but man am I in a good deal of pain.  The percocet they gave me helped a great deal but I'm still hella sore and just tired now.

Thankfully, Stephanie decided against going to work today after I told her I got hit by a car and she spent the entire day in the hospital with me.  She really is awesome.  Everything is sore and I hope nothing pops up later.  I called the police officer who was on the scene to file a report since I was in fact injured so that I can start the ball rolling on getting the guy's insurance to take care of everything instead of mine.  I have to take my bike to get checked out and repaired if anything is damaged on it.  Hopefully everything will be alright but I am definitely having him pay for everything that happened because I am in a great deal of pain.

As for other things, I went and saw moe. at the 9:30 Club last Friday and Saturday and it was awesome. Now, for today's song considering the accident this morning, I am choosing "Cars, Trucks and Buses" from Billy Breathes.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

back, jack, and do it again

Alright, slight change from the last post regarding the bar exam.  The fact that I didn't pass isn't the change but I have decided to take Maryland in February instead of New York.  I had lofty goals of passing New York and being pretty much set for the rest of my life no matter where I wanted to live but now I am going to think on the micro level instead of the macro and I am going to simply take a bar that I should be able to pass no problem after putting in the study time.  I just need to get barred somewhere and I can make decisions after that about whether or not I take New York again in the future.  I want to beat that test, I really do.  But alas it may not come to be.

I really just want this bar exam business behind me forever, and hopefully come this spring it will be.  Onto more pleasant news.  Girl I'm seeing is good, that whole situation is going well, I'm certainly enjoying myself.  Hockey is going pretty well, that's also nice, it's fun to get out there and skate.  The bar exam was nothing but a minor setback and I will overcome, even though it felt like the biggest deal in the world.

Studying again, though, becomes a weight on me that I didn't want to have to bear again but I can also deal with that and rise above.  So, since it is a somewhat obnoxious burden I have to carry with me for the time being, today's song will be "Heavy Things", because I think it is appropriate.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Failed the bar.  Sad.  Get to go back up to NY in February to do it all over again.  At least this time I have 4 months to prepare for it instead of trying to cram my brain full of all that information in just 2.  I was close, but not close enough.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

good gravy it's been a while

So, let's just say a lot has happened in the past 6 months or so since I last posted on here.  First, Bin Laden was killed, that was kind of a big one.  Then, I went to New Orleans for a week to work with the Orleans Parish Public Defender's office.  That was definitely cool but also resulted in me drinking for 13 straight days (one shy of the 14 day club but I thought I might come home with cyrrhosis if I kept going).  I graduated from law school and then spent the next 2 months studying for the bar.  Which was as awful if not worse than what everyone had said.  My life in terms of the ladies has taken a number of twists and turns in the last 6 months.  And quite honestly has been a bit ridiculous to say the least, but that's for another time.  The bar was awful, it was the worst two days of my life and I am certain I failed it and will be taking it again come February.  I really hope I don't have to, but if I were a betting man I would put money on it that I'll be back in freaking Buffalo at the end of February.

I started back to work at L&G in September and apparently, according to payroll, my new title is Staff Attorney.  I don't really know what that means exactly but I'm getting paid double what I was as a law student law clerk but that's still jack compared to what I should be making now that I'm graduated.  But, you know what, I can't really complain because a lot of my friends have no job and whether I like mine or not it's sad but having a job period is somewhat of a luxury.  Anyway, at least I will be able to pay my rent, pay my student loans (slowly) and hopefully get myself a car.  That's the plan right now anyway.

So I know that summing up 6 months in a few short paragraphs is a bit difficult to do at times.  I've done a few things in that time, but most of the time was spent studying for or taking the bar, so this really is pretty much all I did for half of those 6 months.  Went to 3 Phish shows, that was pretty awesome and I put in my ticket request for the December 30 and December 31 shows in NYC at MSG, so we'll see if I get one.  I'll go on my own if I have to.

Cougar Patrol summer hockey season came and went, we went 10-1 and lost in the championship game.  I was not pleased.  Winter season has started already and we are 1-1 currently.  Fun group of people to play with at least and we're tentatively planning to play in the Vegas tourney next May and kick it up a notch from the AC tourney this year.

Going back to concerts, I get to see Keller Williams on Saturday at the 9:30 Club and then next month i will be seeing moe. on back to back nights at the 9:30 Club.  Awesome.  I saw Yeasayer there in June and then just went with a buddy from law school to see a metal show there a couple weeks ago, definitely not my wheelhouse of a show, but still fun.

I think I will end this with a short discussion of how the lady situation has progressed from April on.  So, I went to the birthday party and then ended up in Bethesda.  I was definitely into that girl but she moved back to Boston and has a boyfriend and that just didn't happen.  Sadness abounded.  Then in June I was busy going after 3 girls at once.  That was expensive and exhausting.  On a side note, the one girl was in NOLA with me and was nice and a 1L at Catholic and apparently thought we were dating or something according to what I was told by someone else who was on the NOLA trip with us and all I could think of was the HIMYM episode with Katy Perry where she would say something and everyone just wanted to say "Oh, honey..."  Anyway, that ended at the end of June and then I convinved a girl (by a text message from another girl's bed) that it would be a good idea for her to drive out from Cleveland for the 4th of July.  Yeah, that happened.  Then the third girl was the one whose bed I was in sending the text message, and that just, well, that's its own whole backstory that I won't get into but long story short that ended when we went out one night and I tried to make sure she didn't drink too much and pass out like she had done before and I ended up getting too drunk to monitor anything anymore.  Oh well.

Now I'm on to a girl I went to law school with who I was actually interested in for more than just the casual hookup thing.  Except, the first night we really hung out when I was trying to get my plan into action, we went back to my place and went to town.  Which was fine except I, for once, actually liked the girl and was interested in more.  Boy was that silly.  Stupid feelings and crap like that.  So much easier to be cold and unfeeling about, you know, everything.  But she and I have had a talk about our situation and apparently we are not seeing/sleeping with anyone else because we would each be jealous if that was going on so we determined (and this was my terminology) that we are in a monogamous, sexually symbiotic friendship, or MSSF for short, because putting a label on things frightens her.  My kind of girl.  Oh, and she calls me Rosie after the robot from the Jetson's because I have traditionally been dead on the inside like a robot.  Also, I am going out as the Toto to her Dorothy for Halloween.  Should be a good time.

Anyway, that's enough for now, hopefully I'll actually do this more often than once every 6 months.  Work is terrible but I'm glad to have a paycheck coming in every 2 weeks.

Song for right now will be, hmm, how about "Back On the Train" since I am getting back on that dating train.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

that's all folks

And that about wraps up my time in law school classes as today was the very last day I had to sit through one.  I can't believe it.  Not a terrible lot has happened in the past week of note other than finishing classes though I would like to point out that I had the greatest food known to man on Sunday morning before Giff and I went golfing.  Candied bacon.  It is the most amazing, magical, delicious thing I have ever eaten in my life.  It is all the best parts of bacon, namely the bacon itself, and more.  Because it's candied.  Lay some bacon out on a sheet pan, cover it in brown sugar, and cook in an oven.  Boom, candied bacon.  My heart actually hurt after I ate it, but it was so damn worth it I can't even put it into words.

Anyway, enough about the candied bacon, I could probably talk about that for another 2000-3000 words, and most of them would consist of me saying how delicious it was.  So since last Thursday, I tried to go golfing with Giff on Friday but it rained.  I was not happy.  Not only did it rain, but it rained a lot.  Eventually it stopped raining so I was able to go out later with Giff and Nehmer, but then Nehmer got all drunk and slappy like he does and lost his credit card like an idiot.  I realize there is a huge disconnect there between going out and him losing the credit card, but nothing special happened in between, we hit up a couple lame bars and then settled on the Front Page in Dupont where, inexplicably, some random drunk girl came up to me and told me I look like Joel McHale.  Now, I didn't really know how to react to that other than to say "Thank you?  I wish I had his money."  Now, I wasn't sure whether this was some new fangled pickup line people are using these days or what, but as I've been out of the game for a minute, is this something the ladies are using to pick up guys now?  Should I have fallen for her line about Joel McHale?  I wasn't sure.  So, instead, I drank beer.

Anyway, so that happened.  Then as I decided to walk home I thought I could make it without stopping in the bathroom beforehand (which in the end I did) but realized this was a very, very bad idea as I was walking up New Hampshire.  I always think I live closer to Dupont than I actually do.  It took me 30 minutes or so to walk home, all the while thinking my entire abdomen was going to explode.  It was bad news bears.  Thankfully I made it and didn't have to pee in either the dog park or Meridian Hill Park.  Neither place would have been terribly pleasant.

So Saturday was spent doing, well, a lot of nothing.  Sitting around, relaxing and preparing to go over to Giff's later in the evening for the stew cooking battle between him and another buddy of his.  I was just the recipient of some awesome beef and fish stews.  Beef was definitely better than the fish, though both were pretty damn good.  Not to mention there was playoff hockey on TV to watch whilst eating stew which made it that much better.  And let me just say, there is no playoffs better than hockey playoffs.  Whether it be the Frozen Four or the NHL playoffs which are obviously most prevalent here, there is nothing better.  March Madness for the basketball may be bigger and better televised, but hockey is a better sport.  And the NBA playoffs pale in comparison to the amazingness that is NHL playoffs.  I mean come on, there have been 4 game 7's out of the 8 first round series.  Awesome.  I love hockey, but I digress.

Apparently I am not a Bruins fan, which I am ok with as long as it means that the girl I am interested in is willing to actually sit there and watch hockey with me.  I don't really have a dog in the playoffs fight since the Avalanche are out and I am just a casual Capitals fan.  But if she digs the Bruins, I will absolutely dig the Bruins and every damn game they play.  Not to mention that Carter Camper who played with my brother growing up and whose parents live right by mine went to Miami and is now going to be playing for the Bruins, so I can handle cheering for them

Anyway, we went out after the stew to Star and Shamrock over on H because my buddy Nick has a waitress there who is apparently smitten with him and brought us drinks at reasonable prices (read free drinks) as well as tacos (read tacos).  She legitimately left the bar to get tacos and brought them back to us.  We didn't want tacos, but we took them and ate them and told her they were delicious so we could continue to get our disgusting free whiskey shots and beers.  Gross.  After we went through a few of those, we went back to Giff and Nick's place and ate more stew.  I didn't want more stew, but damn if it wasn't amazing then as well.

When I woke up on the couch sweating like a stuck pig, I awoke to the smell of bacon being candied.  I already recounted the candied bacon, so I will spare the details again.  Anyway, after the breakfast of eggs and candied bacon, Giff and I went golfing.  Awesome.  I was so happy to be out on the course hitting the ball.  I wasn't very good with the putting but in almost 27 years, I have never been good at it, so I wasn't expecting much.  But yeah, it was great to get out there and golf for the first time this season. Very happy I had the chance.

Since Sunday, not much has happened.  A couple days of work, my last two days of school and the first round of the NFL draft in which the Browns took Phil Taylor from Baylor.  Apparently he's a DT which is something we need so I'm happy, in Holmgren I trust.  I just want to see a damn winner.  Man.  Tomorrow is my last day of work until September, my boss reneged on paying for my bar class which kind of pisses me off but I'm glad I saved money from my loans so I could cover it if this happened.  It's a good thing I'm skeptical of, well, everyone.

Anyway, it is time for me to hit the sack as I have to work tomorrow and don't want to be exhausted for my last day for 4 months.  I got a date with the new girl set up for 2 weeks from tomorrow, I'm looking forward to it.  I was told (on her birthday by her sister as I am coming to remember and then again tonight) that she may have a boy in Boston or something but that is not of my concern.  I am going to flaunt my wares and if she decides to buy, I'm game.  I like her and she's awesome, so we'll see what happens.  I mean, I have been interested for 3 damn years of law school, so why can't something good come of it?  Why can't I get something good, no?  Anyway, as for tonight's song, let's see here.  How about we go with "Free" from Billy Breathes, because let's be honest, I'm done with law school classes and other than taking finals next week, I am free.  Free in life.  I have no commitments other than to myself and my family.  It's a good time to be alive.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cougar Patrol, grrrrrr

So, April 12, 2011 officially began the Washington Cougar Patrol hockey team era when we met at Cabin John for our first practice and scrimmage against some other team.  Needless to say, we looked pretty good and torched the other team.  It was pretty nice.  Then, Wednesday afternoon I went to lunch with the chair of the hiring committee at Hogan Lovells and had a good lunch and talk with him, gotta keep those paths of communication open.  I wouldn't mind working there, long hours and lots of work but a pretty sizable paycheck at the end of the year.

Wednesday night came the last broomball game I will probably play in for the DC league because I'm tired of how the commissioner guy runs things.  Really pisses me off a lot, shitty attitude and all.  Thursday was kind of a throw away day, I didn't really do anything, had a hockey game that night that I skipped so I could rest up for the weekend, which was a good idea since last weekend was legen - wait for it - dary.

Last Friday was when Cougar Patrol officially took Atlantic City by storm.  Got up there in the early afternoon for our 6:40 game which we ended up tying 4 - 4 and this tie became very valuable at the end of the tournament which I will explain later.  We played pretty well, should have gotten the win but our goalie let in a couple softies which is kind of annoying.  We did look good in terms of our jerseys though, that was for damn sure.  Anyway, the hockey was important last weekend, obviously, but we were really up there to just have an absolutely ridiculous time, which we did.

After our game was over, we went back, showered up, got dinner and then it was on like Donkey Kong.  Now, I will preface this whole recap with this caveat: there is definitely a point in the evening where I have absolutely no recollection of what I did.  There is a $55.00 charge on my credit card from some bar that I certainly do not remember paying, but, it's there and it's hard to dispute a charge with your only dispute being "I was too drunk to remember doing it."

So, we started with dinner and drinks in our own hotel and then decided to head down the boardwalk to the Tropicana.  Now, the Hilton was nice enough, and was fairly inexpensive in the long run.  FULL of old people.  Old people absolutely everywhere with their stupid old people wheelchairs and shit.  The Tropicana on the other hand, full of hot girls.  Everywhere.  It was like a veritable cornucopia of hotness.  Which surprised me since we were in New Jersey.  Everyone kept asking me why I had us stay at the Hilton instead of hottie central and at least the answer was easy, it was half the price.

So we get to the Tropicana and start our night off at Ri Ra, it's like we're in freaking Bethesda.  Anyway, after a car bomb, a few beers and a disgusting tequila shot, the movements of the night become a bit hazy but I do know that at some point we walked around the casino drinking and Giff and I won $10 on roulette which we were going to keep but were too drunk and decided to play it again which we promptly lost.  Worth it.

Then, from the last recollection I have of Friday, we were at some sports bar drinking 40s.  Yes, 40s.  It was awesome.  We were all sloppy and having a great time and then the rest of the night is lost on me.  Streng got some cookies or something I think and the two things that will stick with me the most from that night are the fact that Ed boned a fat girl in the stairwell of the Tropicana, for a long time.  Apparently it was no quick in and out and leave, it was a while.  To which she send him a BBM on Saturday morning to something of the effect of "It was nice to meet you last night (smiley face), you broke my lady part".  Wow, just wow.

The other thing that sticks with me is that after Saturday's game (which I will recap that debacle momentarily), I get back to the hotel and think to myself "self, I wonder if you sent anyone any text messages after getting back to the hotel last night."  Well, in fact I had.  The awesome girl whose birthday I went out for who I am going to take on a date when she gets back to DC was the one who I sent a text to, at 4:52 am.  I was that guy.  It was nothing bad or inappropriate, in fact it was nice I think at least what I wrote.  Sending it at 5 am, yeah, not the best idea I've ever had.  At least she said she thought it was adorable and I wasn't just a creep.  Oh well, it was a ridiculous night to say the least.

As for Saturday's game, at noon, Streng and I were awoken at about 11 am for our game at which point I had two thoughts: 1) how the fuck is it already 11 am, and 2) I am still hammered.  So, we get up, get our shit together and head to the rink.  I got dressed, got on the ice and promptly missed the first slap shot I tried to take during warmups.  Yeah, it was going to be that kind of game.  The game was sloppy, I was sloppy, a lot of the other players were sloppy.  It really was an ugly game that we ended up losing like 5 - 2 I believe.  I mean, really sloppy.  I got 2 penalties, legit ones, but 2 nonetheless.  There's a video on facebook of me covering a guy in the front of our net and I am harassing the shit out of him.  He ends up scoring a goal and running into me in the process, so naturally I went after him after the play.  He wasn't a tiny guy but it's funny seeing me push him and him stumble back and then me not move as he tries to push back.  Ah, good times.  Then his stupid chin pubes friend tried to get involved and chin pubes tried to rip my facemask off at which point his fat ass was escorted off the ice by the refs.  Finally, during my second penalty after I absolutely crushed a guy in open ice, I GOT AN OREO IN THE PENALTY BOX.  That was the greatest thing that could have happened during that game.

After that game was done, we went back to the hotel and I showered and was waiting for people in order to get food and I passed out.  For like 4 hours, then woke up and got some awesome noodle soup thing from the Asian place in the hotel.  It was like hangover curing magic soup.  After the soup we went back to the room to prepare for the evenings festivities.  We suited up to go out and look classy as shit as we were wandering around various casinos.  We went out Saturday night to a bar in the Tropicana called Red Square that served, what else, vodka drinks.  They were alright, a little pricey for just being vodka, but not bad.  Then Trout and I went to the wine store next door to buy bottles of prosecco to just stand around and slug.  Which we did right by the fountain in the Tropicana.  Reed threw a shoe into the fountain that somehow someone had lost while walking by.  Who throws a shoe?  Anyway, the night ended again at the bar with the 40s but this time we were more in control, or at least I thought.  No one had sex with any fat girls and I remember the evening, which I kind of wish I forgot since we decided it would be a great idea to go in the ocean on the walk home.  Yeah, the freezing cold Atlantic Ocean.  I mean, it's cool, it's a story to tell, but I swear to God I though I was going to lose my toes after getting out.  And I'm pretty sure there's still sand and sea water in my suit.  Oh well, again, worth it.  Oh, and this time I sent the girl a text message at 2:30 am, which I, at the time, thought was better than 5 am.  Why, why would I do it again?  Oh well.

As for Sunday, we had a game at 7:40 am.  Yeah.  I was somehow more awake and ready to go for that one than the noon game the day before which was surprising.  Well, we lost that one also 6 - 3 to take us to 0 - 2 - 1.  And we needed the game after ours to end with the one team scoring 8 or more for us to stay and play in the championship, which they did.  So, somehow, we ended up in the championship after having just tied a game, which is why I said the tie was necessary at the beginning.  We were in the championship against the team we lost to in the morning.  Well, we lost again, but this time only 4 - 3.  We looked pretty good out there which was nice, I caused a penalty shot which our goalie saved so that was awesome.  Best part about the whole thing in the end, we still got trophies.  That's right, trophies.  It's like I'm 6 but I am pumped and it is in my window sill right now.

So that was pretty much the entire weekend with some of the less awesome details omitted.  The past few days I feel like I've still been nursing a hangover from the weekend, that's how awesome it was.  And as previously mentioned, the girl I texted at terrible hours still agreed to go on a date with me so I am really excited about that, now I just need to wait for her to get back to DC after traveling all freaking over.  I am thinking, and thank you Sara for the suggestions, that we will go to Hank's Oyster Bar in Dupont followed by Mr. Yogato.  That sound like a good first date?  Nothing terribly fancy and it's not a movie where we don't get to talk to each other for 2 hours.

Anyway, I will try and post again after this weekend or something, and not wait another 10 days.  Happy hour to hit up tonight and then who knows what.  Seven days of law school left, thank God.  As for an appropriate song, let's go with "Fluff's Travels" since this entry was pretty much all about my travels up to Atlantic City last weekend.